Fun, Friends & Felines!

Please note:  Pagatos’ early years were spent showing with the CFA organization, where we still occasionally show and stay active through our membership in the Ragdoll Breed Council.  Teri shows her Oakside babies mainly with TICA, who offers many more shows in our area.  This page contains CFA links but you can also search for TICA or ACFA shows in your area.  All of the cat association websites provide information on their specific rules and contact information.  WHERE you show isn’t as important as having fun doing it!


At almost every show we attend, someone that came to watch the show comments on either how fun it looks or how beautiful their own Fluffy is.  They seem surprised to learn that as long as Fluffy is friendly and well-groomed, they could show in CFA’s Household Pets class.  They also seem surprised to hear about the Premier and Agility classes.  We thought, why not put up a page on our site to help them find out more information?  Sooooooo………

Make It A Family Affair!!

Purebred or household pet, from exhibition to agility to youth programs, CFA offers multiple ways for the whole family to get involved.  It’s also one of the few hobbies that can be fit in on the weekends between work and school.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time showing our cats and have met some really terrific people.  When you’re brand new to this, it can be more than a little overwhelming.  There are some great sites and links that really help to explain things and make newcomers feel welcome.  If you’ve never been to a show (or perhaps have and felt lost in all the commotion), we hope these links will help explain some of your questions.    CFA has produced an excellent series of videos showing…  well…. how to show a cat!

The CFA New Bee Page   has a WEALTH of information geared towards you.  You can use their links to find a show near you and to help explain how a show works.

CFA also has a page For Kids- About Cats (actually, it’s pretty neat for adults, too).  Lots of information and you just might find some educational projects that are fun as well!!

There’s a really nice Yahoo group for new exhibitors at Yahoo’s CFA New Bees Group.  Friendly people and a wonderful support system for new exhibitors.  Great advice and tips if you’re ready to take the plunge.  If you’ve found the show hall to be a bit overwhelming before, maybe this could be a way for you to be more comfortable or to find a buddy to team up with!

Cat Shows US  offers an easy to understand calendar of cat shows in your area.

Read up on the basics, find a show near you, and come see cats of all shapes and sizes.  We hope to see you there!