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  Our Ragdolls  



When we started, there was a "look" we were aiming for- especially a sweet expression and big, beautiful blue eyes.   We knew going into this that our program would have to stay small, so we wanted the best we could find.  From quality comes quality and we will forever be grateful to have been entrusted with some truly beautiful cats.   To everyone that has been part of this journey,  thank you for your love and support- and BEAUTIFUL Ragdolls!


At the best of times, we keep a very small number of cats.  They share our home as well as our hearts and though it's always exciting to dream of that extra "special" show kitten, babies are ALOT of work.  Since it's our belief every cat we raise or bring in deserves a great life, most of our adults are altered early and placed in wonderful pet homes. 









Our Boys





 GC Koc-Pol Cat Morr of Pagatos


Blue Point & White ( Bi- color ) 










Wow, what can I say?  When I saw this picture on my cell phone, and blew it up to look closer at his eyes, it was love at first sight.  Coming to us all the way from Poland, I may have been a nervous wreck waiting at the airport but you could hear Morr purring from across the room! 


Aside from being unbelievably sweet, Morr has a solid body, great coat, very nice head structure with a strong chin, and kiss me - twice! - eyes!  If he ever figures out just how alluring they are, we are all in trouble.


We are so grateful to be given the opportunity to bring this exceptional boy home.  Thank you Monika and Patryk!  ( And thank you for the use of his photos- talk about some gorgeous photography ) 




 It's official!!  Morr is a Grand Champion!!







CH Blossom Love Me Sterling of Pagatos 


Blue Point & White ( Bi- color )











Sired by Lifetime Achievement Award Winner IW Keepurrs Love Me Linden of Blossom, Sterling is a handsome boy with a very chiseled profile .  With his seductive dark blue eyes and baby soft coat, he is just a sweet looking boy.  He's also keeping impeccable house manners, something that is a pure gift when living with stud boys.  Sterling is a kind boy and can be found most of the time stretched out on the couch or watching his kingdom from the top of the cat tree. 


Thank you so much Dana, this sweet boy is just a joy. 







 Our Lovely Girls




CH Pagatos Dream A Little Dream


Blue Cream Point & White ( Bi-color )








Dreamer went to her first- and last- cat show and achieved her Championship.  She really didn't like it though, so home she'll stay.  Having originally registered her as a blue bi color, I was very excited to find a small cream patch on her saddle while bathing her, YEAH !!




CH Pagatos Quiet Pleasures


Tortie Point & White ( Bi-color ) 





All of our cats are special to us but Matilda is especially so.  Aside from being a Tortie- and anyone who knows me knows I love the Reds!- she traces back to not only our beloved Walker but also to Possum ( CH Rockcreek Painted Lady ), our first tortie as well as the first Ragdoll entrusted to us.    


Sired by Brigitte's very handsome GC Chiffondolls Stardust Magic, Matilda is a gift in more ways than one.  As the only tortie, Brigitte could have taken her home but generously let us keep her instead, something I am forever grateful for.  Tilley is a solid girl, a playful cuddler who wants to mother everyone, a TORTIE with great eye color, coat length and an eerie attachment to the dog her Grandmother loved.   I could describe her more but frankly, if she had three eyes, I wouldn't care.




  Matilda's mother Pillow Talk was the last of the 5 Walker/Bella babies to grand.

That makes Matilda the Granddaughter of our first DM








 GC Lottarags Walking on Air of Pagatos






The son of GC BW RW Lottarags Annabella, herself the daughter of GC BW RW Ragangels Finest Chloe of Lottarags, DM, Walker is also litter brother to GC BW RW Lottarags Hit The Jackpot. I fell in love with Annabella at first sight and to be allowed to have her son had ME walking on air! 


That pedigree certainly made a powerful impact for us.  Walker is the sire of multiple Grand Champions, and has helped us achieve some very special milestones, including:


 * GC Pagatos Gabriel, CFA's 2012 Kitten Breed Winner and a One Show Grand Champion


 * GP, RW, Pagatos Samarai Soldier, CFA's Premier Breed Winner, and 26th Best All Breed Premier 





AND, our very special, very wonderful DISTINGUISHED MERIT award for



 CH Pagatos Bella Lai-Dee, DM  in just  ONE LITTER !! 



This is an unbelievable honor.  Walker sired Bella's only litter, but every kitten in that litter of 5 has become a Grand!!  That consistency of quality is unbelievable enough but THREE of those kittens are red factored, something I was told would never show well in CFA.   Their litter was a kaleidoscope of colors: GC Pagatos Nina La Diva (our first red GC) is a Blue Cream; her brother GP, RW Pagatos Samurai Soldier is a seal; their sister GP Pagatos Misty is blue; GP Pagatos Max is a red; and last, but certainly not least, is exquisite GP Pagatos Pillow Talk, a stunning Seal Tortie Point and White.


Thanks to this sweet, beautiful boy, we have achieved things we never dreamed possible.  There is no way I can thank Denise enough, both for her friendship and for the experience of having Walker share our lives.  






 GC Pagatos Gabriel


2011-2012 CFA's BEST Ragdoll Kitten


the Southern Region's 3rd Best of Breed Adult 






Gabriel had a terrific show career.  In limited showing, he was not only CFA's Best Ragdoll Kitten for the 2011-12 show season, he was also Granded in his first show as an 8 month old Open!!    We're really tickled that his father's brother, GC BW RW Lottarags Hit The Jackpot, took CFA's adult Best of Breed in the same year.  









GC Pagatos Faith

of Oakside




Another Walker baby, Faith wowed us from the start with her intensely vivid blue eyes, silky coat, and soft nature.


It was a tough choice deciding to spay her, but bred to Brigitte's handsome Magic, she gifted us with two beautiful daughters with a little better boning.  
















CH Pagatos Minnie Pearl

of Islandols 


Minnie was one of our very first babies, with a whole lot of attitude packed into her dainty body!  Her pedigree is a lovely combination of Solemate,  Dollhouse and Kebekat (her mother is the daughter of GC, BW, RW Kebekat Kiss of Faith).  


Bred to Walker, Minnie gave us our beautiful GC Pagatos Gabriel.  We decided to spay Minnie after she required a second C-section, but her contribution to our goals was beyond our wildest dreams.


Minnie's a Star!


Look for Minnie on the cover of the

Royal Canin Ragdoll formula!!










Our First DM !!


CH Pagatos Bella Lai-Dee, DM  


Bella is a very beautiful, very special girl with terrific size and eye color.  Bred to Walker, they are the proud parents, in just one litter,  of GP, RW Pagatos Samurai Soldier, GC Pagatos Nina, GP Pagatos Misty, GP Pagatos Max and GP Pagatos Pillow Talk.


To see this consistency of quality in any litter, much less a red factored line, is quite exciting.  We decided early on that Bella's destiny was as a beloved pet, but wow! did she gift us with these babies. 







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