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 Memorable Moments 






Minnie is a Star!!


 Look for Minnie on the bag of Royal Canin's Ragdoll food! 


We knew Minnie was special from the moment she was born (even if we initially thought she was a he) but now it's official. It's a little ironic that our "cover girl" is the daughter of Kebekat Undercover Girl (daughter of Kiss-Of-Faith), but then again, Minnie truly was the culmination of a great deal of good Karma coming together at the right time.  Minnie is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement, being thoroughly spoiled by her new family.  We miss her brassy self but some Princesses just deserve their very own castle.








The view from our hotel bedroom... the Arena in Nimes








Talk about exciting.  We were very honored to be invited by Royal Canin to attend their 2012 International Cat Breeders Convention in Nimes, France.  Seeing so many breeders from so many countries was really something.    


The presentations from multiple feline experts covering cattery hygiene, reproduction, neonatology, nutrition and imaging use in reproduction were certainly invaluable but what really excited us was getting to tour the factory itself.  We cannot thank them enough for sharing that with us in a very personal way. 








Our last night in France... 








Earlier in the year... 


The Four Seasons in Miami, FL





 The whole Royal Canin team was so warm and welcoming. 

 I love this picture of them watching the kittens!







Gabe and his younger brother checking out the thread count







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